The Chapter Bedroom design draws from classical Edwardian and Victorian designs, infused with a crisp contemporary twist.

This bedroom includes a simple profile, ornate beading, and a neutral colour palette. These elements come together to make a classical design; and we’re sure that you will love the intelligent, refined construction. We can furnish you with the Porcelain edition, that focuses towards a more modern interpretation of the Chapter, we can design a Stone finish, that speaks to an eminently calm space with subtle neutral tones; or, the Partridge, which begins with a classical design and adds modern touches you will love. We can create an elegant and sophisticated interior for your bedroom, supplying everything you need to the last detail, from the right sideboard down to the right colour tone of paint. Nothing is too much trouble to ensure you are happy with your new bedroom.

We can focus the design on a focal point, giving a larger feel to the room

A broad array of wardrobe options can personalise your bedroom

Mix and match to create a finish that balances heritage and modern features

Get your
door painted
to order

Achieve a timeless
design with a blend
of old and new

There is a large array of different woodgrain effects to choose from

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